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Sponsors and Pledge Signers

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Alliance for the Great Lakes

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Elected Officials

Elected Official Pledge for Science and Our Great Lakes

I recognize that with 95 percent of the nations fresh surface water, the Great Lakes are one of America’s most precious natural resources. We can’t afford not to do our best to protect the Great Lakes. They provide drinking water for 30 million people as well as jobs, food and recreation for millions of Americans and a critical habitat for fish and wildlife. More than 1.5 million U.S. jobs are directly connected to the Great Lakes, generating $62 billion in wages annually. The protection and restoration of the Great Lakes is an essential national public health, security, economic and environmental imperative.

I recognize that today the Great Lakes suffer from serious threats such as toxic pollutants, sewer overflows, invasive species, water level reduction and contaminated sediment. These dangerous problems have led to illness that harm people, algal blooms, record beach closings and fish consumption advisories, habitat loss and billions of dollars in economic damage.

I recognize that the best chance of ensuring our Great Lakes are healthy is to base decision about their protection and restoration on unbiased science. I recognize that when protection and restoration decisions are made that are not based in unbiased science we risk harming our Great Lakes ecosystem.

Therefore, as an elected official, I pledge to use unbiased science in decision making about Great Lakes protection and restoration efforts. I further pledge to make the use of unbiased science in Great Lakes protection and restoration decision making a priority within my office and to present such science to my colleagues in our collective decision making.

U.S. Senator from Michigan Debbie Stabenow

“Our Great Lakes are crucial to the health of both Michigan’s economy and our people and we have a special responsibility to protect them, said Senator Stabenow. I’d like to thank All Hands on Deck for raising awareness and bringing people together to stand up for the critical resources we need to protect our precious Great Lakes.”

Robert Bankski, Chautauqua county Legislator District #2

George Borelli, Chautauqua county Legislator District #6

Wilfred Rosas, Mayor of Dunkirk, N.Y.

Michigan State Senator Steve Bieda, 9th District

The Great Lakes are a vital natural resource, not just for us in Michigan, but for all of the United States and indeed, the world. It is our responsibility to protect this incredible gift. We are lucky enough to enjoy the numerous benefits the Great Lakes have to offer, and it is our duty to ensure future generations will experience the same. We must come together and unite in the protection of the Great Lakes.’

Christine Greig, Michigan House 37th District

Sam Singh, Michigan House 69th District

Michelle Deatrick, Vice Chair Washtenaw County, MI. Board of Commissioners