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On land

Communities all along Great Lakes shores are busy planning to link hands and boats in ALL HANDS ON DECK, at 10 a.m. EDT on July 3, 2017, to raise awareness of the need to protect the waters everyone loves. The event focuses on something everyone can agree on: the need for protecting the Great Lakes to keep them healthy.

Whether on a beach, a boardwalk, a marine channel, or any other location, all locations for All Hands On Deck represents common ground that extends beyond political and geographical boundaries. In every area, the Great Lakes are essential to the environment, economy, and everyone’s way of life. The event is a way to come together in a unique, unified expression of concern on behalf of a precious resource that needs continuing attention and support – funding, regulations, and research – to sustain long-term vitality.

We will link hands on the beach and link boats on the water along the shorelines in communities in every Great Lakes state and Canada. Representatives and press from local communities are invited to witness and document our solidarity about our water. Check in begins at 8:00 EDT. Bring a blue marble and wear a blue, green, or AHOD Logo shirt!

Water unifies us all! It is something everyone can get behind! Help us to promote this event, participate in it, or direct us to captains willing to get an event started in your community! For the sake of our lakes be a part of it!

On Water

Exchange a Blue Marble, Hoist a Blue Flag in Support of Our Great Lakes

On July 3rd, at 10:00 a.m. EDT, join the “All Hands on Deck” community hand link occurring across the Great Lakes Shores as a boater!

On board your boat offer a blue marble to all your holiday and summer guests! Have your guests trade it for a story about the Great Lakes!

Buy a blue pennant flag to fly behind you on the day of the event and all summer long! Carry the symbol proudly that symbolizes you support the Great Lakes.

To directly order an American Blue Flag or ALL HANDS ON DECK logo flag go to:

Northstar Flags 


Our friend Mary Schmidt, friends of “All Hands on Deck” is an avid boater and Blogger about the Great Lakes. Mary came up with this great way for boaters to show their support for the Great Lakes and wrote some beautiful blogs on our event and the organizers. See more of her informative and caring posts about the Great Lakes at: