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All Hands on Deck builds non partisan support for legislation, regulations, and funding based on independent unbiased science to sustain the health of the world’s water resource by providing an annual event and actions to celebrate our waters and unite new advocates to the cause until water is non-politicized and non- monetized.


  • Unite communities in a nonpartisan way around the Great Lakes to raise awareness for the need for independent unbiased policy based on science to fund, regulate, and research water challenges.
  • Coordinate a pledge from Members of Congress and State Legislators to sign that promises that they will write and support policies new and old that are/were created on unbiased science.
  • Coordinate a petition online and at handhold events that is signed on behalf of citizens who will agree to remain vigilant in raising awareness in recognizing whether decisions have and are being created about water from independent unbiased science.
  • Provide a platform: through these organized communities to educate themselves about the science behind water issues to increase awareness about local concerns related to water via community handhold groups and established water organizations and activist groups.


Water is life. It is a reflection of a sacred contract that we hold with the earth. Safe water, healthy citizens.

Water should be available and affordable for all. Money should never come between the availability to healthy water.

Every person can help with individual habits, awareness of the science behind potential threats, and staying actively involved in voting, running for office, and communicating with decision makers.

Protecting  water is something that all political sides can support We are inclusive and believe that respect for clean water is something that unites us all—nationally, internationally, tribes, First Nations, religions, cultures, communities, and individuals.

By unifying: water organizations, water issues, water activists, water sports enthusiasts, and business owners we visually show a united front and amplify the volume therefore increase awareness and actions to protect water.